7 Ways Balance Bags Promote Flow-states

7 Ways Balance Bags Promote Flow-states

7 Ways Balance Bags

Promote Inner Balance, Organization & Flow-states 

1. No more emptying your pockets and precariously balancing your valuables on the railing & toilet paper dispenser in porta-potties or public restrooms.

2. They keep your hands free and goodies secure so you can climb trees & hang on art installations without emptying your pants-pockets or watching your phone fall 30 feet. Also perfect for theme parks with Roller Coasters.

3. Exterior pockets keep tools like pens, screwdrivers & paintbrushes handy when you’re doing artistic & craftsman work like set-building, photography, or multi-media artistry.

4. Ultra-ergonomic pocket design hugs your body and keeps your goods up off your body's major pivot point. No more Fat-Wallet or Heavy Purse Syndrome, and you won't get snagged on bushes or people in close-quarters situations.

5. No more dropping your phone when you get out of the car, or cracking your screen when you sit on it in your back pocket.

6. At music festivals & cosplay events, Balance Bags keep you prepared and ready-to-roll without ruining your look or breaking your back.

7. Wearing your Balance Bags regularly lets your hippocampus keep better track of your essentials effortlessly. It's like Autopilot for organization.

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