Balance Bags • NOIR

SKU: 001-F18-01-01

Balance Bags give you a single ergonomic place to store all of your essentials, a gender-neutral pocket system that seamlessly transitions between many looks and outfits in your wardrobe. Control your pocket chaos, save your posture, and let your pants fit comfortably again.   


  • Comfortable Leather straps with antique brass pivots, allowing for comfort and easy pocket access.
  • Premium water-resistant waxed canvas material.
  • Antique brass hardware accents.
  • Gunmetal zipper closure on the large interior pocket and the exterior welt pocket.
  • Swiveling hooks so you can grab your keys with one hand full of groceries.
  • Satin lining.
  • Secure pockets.

Use Recommendations

  • To get the most out of your Balance Bags, we recommend wearing them regularly. Think of these like an Operating System for your essentials.
  • The small outside pocket is perfectly sized for a money-clip.
  • Whichever side you keep your phone in shouldn't be packed too full.
  • Keys have a home: Clip em' on. If you have a small camera, it will also love the hanging hooks.