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Festival Diary - Day 2.

Where am I supposed to set things down? I've been walking around for days carrying a water bottle in one hand. That's like, 50% of my hands.

The other hand is now permanently reserved for high-fives, since it seems that they are some sort of replacement for traditional currency in this barren wasteland.

That leaves no hands free in the event that someone hands me something.
How am I supposed to eat vegan bean-soup AND carry a water-bottle AND still make it to that underground set in the weird shack in the forest?

At least it's not only me, it seems like everyone here is carrying their water bottle. I just saw a guy that built a custom jacket that turns into a rotating LED art installation and even HE was carrying his water bottle.

Anyway, next time I'm going to be more prepared. 

You're always going to need water. You're never not going to need it.

The Hydration Holster is our singular response to two universal human problems:

  • Single-use plastic water bottles, one of the most polluted items in the world.
  • Staying hydrated, in all environments we traverse.

Wether you're listening to hip-hop on your daily commute, vagabonding across Vietnam, camping in the Mojave, or trekking across the Playa, you're definitely, positively, 100% going to need water on hand.


  • Hand made in Los Angeles.
  • Created with premium waxed canvas
  • [optional] Cotton strap that converts from a belt to shoulder sling
  • Loop for keys or extra drink cup
  • Antique brass hardware
  • Woven cotton strap
  • The unique character of waxed canvas is to change color and look as handled. Due to this waxing, shades will vary slightly.

Many times you have two options: Carry a reusable and refillable water bottle, OR pay for earth polluting reusable water bottles at a substantial markup. Good luck finding a snack-bar in the wild.

The practical issues we face when carrying reusable water bottles are:

  1. You don't have space in your bag. 
  2. You don't want to spill water on your laptop or papers.
  3. You don't want to carry a water-bottle in your hand all day.

The Hydration Holster is a fashionable way to solve all of those problems AND add additional functionality to your wardrobe, since it has a sneaky, sneaky "utility" pocket on the inside.

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