Dr. Nathan Walworth is a climate scientist & adventurere who studies how personal habits create global climate issues. After a decade of organizing and attending climate summits, one question stuck in his mind: How are we going to fix plastic waste?

Dr. Walworth and Patrick Janiak bonded over a mutual love of adventure, and and a shared realization that the logistical challenges of travel & adventure represented a severe environmental convenience-cost; when you're unprepared, you're more likely to purchase environment-destroyers like single-use plastic water bottles.

In his research, Dr. Walworth discovered that the cumulative effect of unpreparedness in travelers & explorers was actively contributing to the destruction of the very thing that they sought to explore: the Earth.

Dr. Walworth and Mr. Janiak utilized behavioral design in the creation of the covalence system of functional apparel and accessories: Each piece is designed to create new habits and regenerate our conscious connection to ourselves and our environment, more headspace, more preparation, more adventure.

Covalence Co-Founder Dr. Nathan Walworth


     Patrick Janiak is an adventurer and landscape architect who often found it complicated to adapt to the rapidly changing environments and demands presented by his fast paced lifestyle.

After losing his wallet and phone in Barcelona, Patrick decided to design his own solutions to his life's ergonomic problems. He soon discovered that many other people had the exact same issues. 

In 2014, Pat  created the first of what would become the Covalence family of products; an adaptable adventure-lifestyle system that was ruthlessly stress tested by friends within his community. Covalence gear is designed to balance and harmonize personal freedom and preparedness for all of life's journeys, from the city to the summits. 

Covalence Co-Founder Patrick Janiak


     Dr. AJ Schlenger is an expert in ecosystem resiliency to climate change. His research aims to bridge the gap between science, economics, and policy to create global environmental solutions. As a surfer, backpacker, and general outdoor enthusiast, AJ's passion lies in preserving the natural world. He now uses his expertise to strategize mechanisms that transform the current mindset of individual sustainability and create a positive global impact through conscious living.

Covalence Co-Founder Dr. AJ Schlenger


     Karelaine Walworth is a behavioral fashion designer and regenerative landscape architect with a background in plant sciences and architecture. 

Her initiatives range from functional fashion, urban planning, landscape architecture, and graphic and spatial design in which she blends technology, regenerative design techniques, and graphical composition to create regenerative apparel, spaces, and aesthetics inspired by natural landscapes.

Covalence Co-Founder Karelain Walworth


     Robert is a Hawai'i grown entrepreneur, writer, director, and communications expert who specializes in guiding teams and think-tanks towards creative solutions for many kinds of problems.

Robert attended University of the Nations in Kona in 2008, studying Art, Communications and Digital Filmmaking and was selected as an apprentice by acclaimed filmmaker David L. Cunningham. 

He has worked extensively in intellectual property development with companies such as Robert Strombergs Hydra Entertainment, and has worked as a world-mechanic and world-builder for several film and video game franchises, such as Square Enix's Final Fantasy.

Robert moved to Los Angeles in 2013, where he began developing his own companies and aiding the business and marketing development of social-good companies such as Chris Pan's MyIntent Project.

Covalence Co-Founder Robert Alden Dobbins